Location & Directions

Address our accommodiation: Rustico Romantico, Via Calanche 6, I - 04010 Sonnino (LT)

How to get there

Our Rustico Romantico is very easy to reach, between Rome and Naples, along the Lazio coast. Since Terracina was and still considered number one recreational area of the Romans, the trip to Terracina from Rome is very well developed and widely accessible. Appia Antica is used for centuries to get to Terracina. This route is lined with seemingly endless pine avenues. For a fast trip and a small toll fee of 5 Euro the A1 motorway runs from Rome towards Naples, please exit at Frosinone. Another 30 km and you are at your destination. The trip in total from the airport will take with this route about an hour.

Our favorite travel route from Germany is by plane with Ryanair to Rome Ciampino and a rental car from there. We made the experience that it's not always best to rent a car directly from Ryanair.

With your booking confirmation you will receive a detailed colored driving directions.

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