Terracina in Italy

The romantic harbor town of Terracina, between Rome and Naples, along the Lazio coast, has always been one of the most popular tourist areas of the Romans. This is a secret area for Italy fancier, because of no mass tourism, where you can find the original Italy.

Sights & Attractions

Terracina and its surroundings invites you not only in the summer with its miles of sandy beaches and its pre-Christian origins. The foothills of the Ausoni, a low mountain range in the Lazio region, reach all the way to the coast. The peak forms the Monte St Angelo with the temple ruin of Jupiter Anxur. Here you will find not only more than 2300 years of touchable history, but also a fantastic view over the city with its 45,000 inhabitants, the harbor, the Tyrrhenian Sea and all the way to the islands of Ponza and Ventotene. On a clear day you can even see as far as Mount Vesuvius near Naples.

The temple ruins of Anxur is, like the old town of Terracina, a historical testimony of this extraordinary city at the sea. With its medieval charm and its narrow streets, the town invites its visitors on a journey through history. Small caf├ęs at the marketplace provide a place to enjoy. Even Goethe marveled on his trip to Italy in this area. Many reputable painters have immortalized Terracina with their paintings.

Holidays in Terracina

In the lower part of the city many shops, cafes and a very long beach promenade invite you to stroll. The wide beach has fine sand and the sea has very clean water, as you can find nowhere else besides in Sardinia.

Terracina is also an ideal starting point for boat trips to the Pontine Islands and for day trips to Rome and Naples. Both cities are easily reachable in a short time from our house by car or by train. The island can be reached by ferry or hydrofoil.

Enjoy peace & relaxation

Addictive tranquility and authenticity are Terracina's secret. Mass tourism and hotel castles do not exist. Because of this and its very mild winter climate, the Mediterranean nature is gorgeous in and around the picturesque seaside town.

Shady Pines, hilly olive groves, fragrant orange and lemon trees and beguiling lavender are just a few examples. The romantic hearts will beat higher in this beautiful place by the sea.

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