The other seasons

Before and after the bathing season, the region is also particularly attractive. We are going to show here as much as we can, why the Rustico Romantico is worth a visit in any season.

Walks at the beach after a nice dinner in one of the many restaurants round off a perfect evening. Personally, we visit on our way to the beach each and every time the bar "Pupo", where you probably can get the best ice cream in the world.

Events & Markets

The weekly markets are an essential part of everyday life. Here you can (and especially women) browse comfortably for hours through the rich offer. Every Thursday there is a weekly market in Terracina, where you can get culinary delights and everything else which the region has to offer, needless to say, directly from the producer. A more than generous clothing range is available as well as all things for daily life. On Sundays there is a market in Fondi (about 10 km) and in Sermoneta (about 25 km).

Beginning of November the feast of San Cesario is held in the old town of Terracina, which we find is quite charming. Terracina honors its patron saint with this occasion, where they have stalls in the old streets and also a procession. For entertainment of young and old many street performers will show their artistry. For the culinary tradition, the guests can buy chestnuts and new wine.

Activities in all seasons

The bikers paradise Camposoriano needs no particular season. Whether by mountain bike, touring or racing bicycle, the mountain stages in the Natural Park provide for all athletes the necessary challenge. For less experienced cyclists the coast area offers routes from locality to locality.

Hiking in the park Camposoriano is always a wonderful thing to do. There are numerous tours on marked trails to hike - the matching and detailed maps are available on the internet.

Discover Rome & Naples

Rome is the heart of Italy. The eternal city with its own special magic is always worth a visit. You can either go by car, the trip would be about an hour, or go conveniently by train to the railway station Termini. Currently, a ticket would be under 7 Euros per person per trip.

The historic center of Naples is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a place to experience the real Naples. Overlooked by the Vesuvius, the city is located at the sea. It is also considered as the birthplace of pizza. Accordingly, many pizzerias and restaurants are serving traditional Neapolitan cuisine. You do not know the full diversity of Italy, if you have never been to Naples.

Enjoy Italian Wines
Wine tasting is possible in many places directly from the farmers of the region. The Azienda Agricola Cantina Sant'Andrea offers everything the region has to offer. There delicious white wines as well as a fine selection of fruity to dry reds.

We hope we could make you curious with this little selection. You can find out more about the many activities in the summer.

Peace and tranquility
Peace and tranquility
Sunset on the sea
Sunset on the sea
Flowers in spring
Enjoy nature
View on the Via Anxur
Via Anxur